any prns / 18
03/19 / isfp-t / 7w6 ★⋆

♫ on repeat:
• my starlight - joong archen
• balloon - chelmico
• chase - batta

🌊 priv acc

byf ! mainly tweet about artists i like and shows i enjoy, pretty busy most of the time so might not tweet 24/7, i take most things literally unless you specify you're being sarcastic

disclaimer !!

i am an onf fan, so dni if you are an onf disliker, thank you :]

music artists ! onf, blitzers, chelmico, e'last, tilly birds, omoinotake, naniwa danshi, deep squad, sbfive, demian, june, jung jinwoo, n.flying

media ✩

media: hxh, jjba, death note, knb, saiki k, prsk, enstars, obey me!

favorite characters:
• kurapika, gon
• joseph, josuke, bruno
• tsukasa, shiho
• subaru, koga, mao, wataru

dramas: fish upon the sky, star in my mind, 2 moons, oxygen, bad buddy, tonhon chonlatee ✰

📎 mdl, spotify, cc, discord (ask)